Home Inspection

Water in your basement?

Protect your basement from water leaks and other basement water issues with proven effective water management systems. We have specialized training and experience to help you detect and resolve basement leaks or other water in the basement issues.

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Book your home inspection today with Home Inspection Professionals Canada!  We are fully certified home inspectors. We will inspect your home or your potential new home with great care.  With our specialized equipment and knowledge we can provide you with a thorough  home inspection report to set your mind at ease.  It is better to know what you are selling or purchasing before you move forward.  When you have information in hand you can easily chart the course forward to a successful home sale or purchase.

Types of Home Inspection Reports

Pre-purchase Home Inspection - this is performed when you have made an offer on the purchase of a home and would like the peace of mind knowing that you are not walking into a nightmare.

Pre-sale Home Inspection - this is performed when you have decided to list your house. This will allow you to resolve any minor issues and maximize the selling price of your home and if you provide it to the purchaser it may help expedite the purchase process.

Pre-closing Home Inspection - this is performed before you are closed so that you have 3rd party independent report of the house condition prior to closing so that it may mitigate any issues which may arise upon closing.

Maintenance Home Inspection - this is performed when you feel you would like an expert to highlight any areas of concern you may want to give attention to so that you can make and informed decision and potentially avoid costly problems down the road.