Mold Detection

Water in your basement?

Protect your basement from water leaks and other basement water issues with proven effective water management systems. We have specialized training and experience to help you detect and resolve basement leaks or other water in the basement issues.

water leaking in basement


Do you suspect you have mold in your home? At Home Inspection Professionals Canada our certified specialists in mold detection can safely remove a sample from your house for testing.  There are lots of things which look like mold which may be something else, however, from our sample the laboratory test will show definitively what your home has.  From that point our home mold detection certified experts can present removal options to you.  No one should live with mold in their home and you are only one call away from having your home mold problem resolved.

Mold in your home?

Do you notice a strange smell but don't see anything unusual? - mold can give off an unpleasant odor or musty odor.

Are you fatigued or tired all the time? - mold in your home can create these symptoms along with other unwell feelings.

Do you see something you suspect is mold? - mold can come in all shapes sizes and colours. Only safely extracted samples and testing can determine what that stuff is.